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  The Centre of Civic Advocacy is an independent non profit organization united civic activists, scientists, journalists, activists of communities at realization of legal, informational, advocacy initiatives at scope of defence of Human Rights, development of communities and local self government, increasing of possibilities of NGOs and bodies of power to cooperation, other democratic institutes, realization of analytical researches, civic monitoring, advocacy social value decisions at state and local levels.
   The organization was founded at 2007 as result of self organization of civic activists, defenders, lawyers, journalists, students and care about activists.
  The Centre has large experience at giving charity legal help to citizens and NGOs at priority directions of defence of Human Rights, development communities, private-public cooperation, other democratic institutes, increasing capacity of NGOs, openness and transparency and accountability of power.
Nowadays the Centre works at such directions:
§ Giving of free legal consultations to citizens and help at priority directions of solving problems of defence of Human Rights and development of community.
§ The Centre realize a sole in Ukraine long term program of legal support of non governmental organizations: civic, charity, religious organizations, professional unions, other non profit organizations, initiative groups, bodies of self organization (the portal of the program – www.lawngo.net). The Centre was an participant of the coalition, and experts give help at adoption of laws on civic organizations and charity organizations, volunteering and other social value laws on establishment of conditions on legal regulation for development on NGOs and involvement them to decision making process.
§ Support of internet projects: social legal portal (www.pilga.in.ua), portal “Lawyer NGO” (www.lawngo.net), Legal portal for teachers (www.lawhelp.in.ua).
§ Edition and dissemination of informational materials and informational sources on mechanisms of realization and defense of Human Rights, civic advocacy, development of communities, cooperation of power and publicity.
§ Realization of informational campaigns and actions, other public activities.
§  Forming of new legal precedents and practice of defense of Human Rights in accordance with international and European standards.
§ Civic monitoring and analysis of legislation and practice, lobbing of changes.
§ Forming, accumulation and dissemination of best Ukrainian and European practices, cases of civic participation at forming and realization of state and local policy, practices of democratic changes.
§  Analysis, elaboration of recommendations, involvement of target groups among them social vulnerable citizens, NGOs, business to participation at forming and realization of policy in scope of health protection in Ukraine.


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